Combiner Wars Wave 3 set for June

Only two months away and we are set to have our next wave. Amazon now has on pre-order all of Wave 3. Amazon Wave 3 Preorder. Pricing is about $2-$3 higher than probably what it will be. This is known as the price of preordering. Waiting is often more in favor of lower prices and even discounts. Amazon is infamous for dropping prices as much as $20. Seeing Voyagers as low as $13. And deluxe’s around $15.99. However with the popularity of this line I would not expect to see prices drop to much.


– Leader Class Thundercracker

– Voyager Cyclonus (Galvatronus) (Re-used mold of Silverbolt)


– Voyager Hotspot

– Deluxe First Aid

– Deluxe Blades (Re-used mold of Alpha Bravo)

– Deluxe Streetwise (Re-used mold of Breakdown?)


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