1986 Movie Shot with Ultra Magnus a fellow transformers fan page / group. Posted a few days ago a great picture of Ultra Magnus and several other Generations figures (I refuse to call them CHUGS.) It seems we are near complete in being able to have a completed 1986 movie with Generation/Classic Toy lines.

As I was imagining prior to getting leader class Ultra Magnus. Was that he would scale perfectly with other Deluxes/Voyagers.

Images Mirrored:

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Custom Painted Galvatronus

Reddit Member DrannorR posted his custom painted Galvatronus.

Taking 4 copies of Skydive and using “Folk-Art MultiSurface Purple/Metallic from Michaels.”

He did mention that the final out come is a bit sticky and not as smooth as normal Transformers.

In these situations I do recommend starting with a nice base coat of plastic/all purpose spray paint & primer. Taping off areas that will be painted later or even re-using sections that are within the color range you want. “Grays/Blacks etc…” In some situations even starting with a base coat of spray paint will even help the other paints not be as tacky after drying.

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Cyclonous / Galvatronus pictures

We finally have got some decent pictures of the upcoming Galvatronus.  Already the internet TF world is buzzing with people redacting there claims about this toy. Cyclonus has a wonderful Generation mold that has led people to not want this guy… But I think after seeing this here, many will be changing their minds!


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Combiner Wars Cyclonus

So this was somewhat unexpected for me… I have always been a fan of this guy, and we have had other molds used previously that have gotten much love for Cyclonus…

To say the least… This guy is going to be a combiner! From reading people are saying he is using the Silverbolt Combiner mold. (SOME SERIOUS RETOOLING!)

To not say any more here are the Official Hasbro pictures. I give you Voyager Combiner Wars Cyclonus!

Allspark also have a wonderful picture of him from the Toy Fair.


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