PE 06 + 07 Devastator Addons

Perfect Effect has released additional photos of the up and coming PE 06  (Devastator hands, mix-master cab, new shovel for Scavenger, Hook extension for Hook, new heads including a Prowl head.) and PE 07 (guns and hands for individual figures…)

Overall the improvements here are VERY impressive. Making for an interesting option for those who went with Hasbro’s. I myself was able to get him for under $100 which makes for him to be just as awesome as the SDCC and Takara’s which will not offer as many unique changes to the figure.

PE has been a reliable source of 3rd Party Addons that have had excellent QC with no complaints that I am aware of. So this upgrade is one to not skip out on. Even those going with the SDCC or Takara may find parts to this upgrade that are a cannot miss.

Still no release date, but knowing PerfectEffect they are probably not far from an official date.

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Transformers Devastation Gameplay

So at first I was a bit of a skeptic about this game. Still am, because well you can’t play as a Decepticon. But heck I like the concept and hopefully we will see a Decepticon version in the future.

Check it out! And while your at it check out their Facebook page.


Watch the Autobots make some scrap in the latest gameplay trailer for Transformers: Devastation!

Posted by Transformers Game on Thursday, July 9, 2015

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Devastator Perfect Effect add-on

While the up and coming Combiner Wars Devastator has had a lot of good and bad publicity. Even more so in the customization realm has been the idea of “enhancing” its parts for the better… Perfect Effect has done just this! It is also know that Dr. Wu is also working on some, however Perfect Effect seems to be beating them to the punch!

It appears there may be “two” upgrade kits here. One for the hands of each individual combiner. And then another for the main devastator form. Which will include a Prowl head for those who follow the IDW universe.



PC-07 Upgrade kits for CW Devastator individual bots elbowsRelease in September.

Posted by PerfectEffect PE on Thursday, July 2, 2015

PC-06 Upgrade kits for CW Devastator combiner mode.Release in September.

Posted by PerfectEffect PE on Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Transformers Devastation Trailer E3 2015

So a ton of leaks have been happening all over the net, but finally we have something to REALLY see. To me this looks like an old fashioned combo button smasher.

The game looks great with the cell shaded renderings verse realistic rendering. Giving it a much more “cartoon” original G1 flare. Anyways check this trailer out!

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Devastator and MP Class figures

So ya I do not think I can get enough of this guy. He is definitely high up on my list of “buy on sight.” This set of pictures is by: Free 自在山 (Comfortable Mountain). Thanks to Daim Choc for spotting the pictures and sharing them further!

These pictures show Devastator along side several MP sized Transformers, and from what I see… Now I need to figure out how to place him along side my other Deceptions at my desk without running out of room… (First world problems…)

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More Devastator Comparison shots!

So if you didn’t get enough from my last post… Here are more comparison shots from Weibo User: Peeling Good (Or is it Feeling Good?) Honestly this figure is more than likely going to be a buy on sight. Metroplex was a similar situation, but with the shipping issues, and stocking issues stores are having. It would come to no surprise this guy will not stay on the shelves once it hits them!

Rough Translation of what he posted.

Advantages: All members of the monomers are affixed to the foot. Combination of form is also affixed to the foot. Modeling and variant unlimited restore g1. And mp car with proportions and not violate. Combination connection hanging thigh fried day, is not a simple plug, in turn slide into the slot as well as on joint buckle dead, very strong creative. Joint tight to even pick up the mp arm held flat car is not sagging, standing on one foot without focus shift. Combination of form still hanging movable fried day, Kenjiro Beidoushenquan shape can be easily completed and no loose joints. And no legend so stealing gum, or even a place on the back of the hollow are irrelevant, simply innocuous. Handsome styling to fit boundless, the red this point, what are the disadvantages are able to.
Disadvantages: forklift humanoid monomer can rotate the elbow can not be bent. Individual wrist thigh humanoid arms and other parts also increase improve movable joints.
Overall, the official conscience is absolutely make! Peeling moved to bring as much as the year mp01! Players tf necessary funds!
Looks like there are bad businesses spread rumors that are currently listed factory goods. Last Flying Tigers and fearless uttered. I just want to say things do not sell 3c Packed with rumors that three abuse means too outrageous. What is absolutely genuine, good quality and a force, Nima factory goods Ye ko worth mentioning to have such a good quality surpasses boxed so much cheaper, why not.

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Devastator comparison to Metroplex

So this is showing up all over now that this wonderful Weibo user (Birch Small World) has posted these pictures of their Titan Devastator. **Note as of posting this… He does have a naked girl as the background of his page. So if you click the link be aware of this.

Otherwise here are the pictures he posted:

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Devastator Hasbro Preview

So Hasbro has been taunting Transformer collectors a lot lately. From releasing a better transformed and combined form to the SDCC version (oooh purple shiny parts!)

I will hopefully be getting at least one of these versions with a nice big ole coupon… Given that Metroplex was around the same price point ($120) and went on sale for around ($70) at some points of its shelf life. This figure however I am not sure it will last long if at all on any shelf or in any online store.

Amazon also seemed to have him up on their site, but seemingly has taken the link down for the time being.

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Transformers Titan Devastator

Standing in at 18 inches / 45 cm. Featuring all 6 original Constructions that combine and form the Mighty Devastator. Each figure will be able to transform into robot mode, and vehicle mode. Their sizes are all “Voyagers!!!”

Size comparison if you will recall Titan Metroplex stands at 2′ tall. This will stand roughly 1.5′ tall (1.47 ft) so roughly up to Metroplex’s chest…

The 6 Constructicon’s names are:

Scrapper – (usually) the leader – masterful designer – front-end loader

Bonecrusher – a berserker – bulldozer (later on a front-end loader)

Scavenger – Materials detector – power shovel.

Mixmaster – A Crazed Chemist – Cement Mixer

Hook – Perfectionist Engineer – Crane

Long Haul – Transporter – Dump Truck (Later on crane.)


My overall thoughts – This guy is a great value for 6 Voyagers at retail $150.00 most 3rd party Devastators your looking at over $250 if not $300… Even $500! He will stand taller than most of those and really all the “picky” collectors are nitpicking the individual modes, and the only thing that stands out that I am hearing is the head and some level of proportions.

I will most definitely be buying him, and most likely two!


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