Transformers Last Knight another Trailer!

We are getting more and more details… This trailer is the best on yet. We get clear pictures of Quintessa, Optimus Prime vs Megatron, a picture of Hot Rod?, a bunch of “minions” getting slashed by Nemesis, and so much more…


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Planet X PX-05 Quirinus Test Type #2

Planet X has FINALLY! Released photos of dinobot mode for “Quirinius” “War for Cybertron” Slug! Previously they released only the robot mode pictures.

Now we can see a completed gallery below with both modes… And well. I have not made the jump personally into 3rd Party dinobots… But this will now change with this guy… Buy on sight!


PX-05 Quirinus Test Type.Not final yet !Schedule to release on July2015.

Posted by Planet X on Monday, June 1, 2015


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Planet X: PX-05 Quirinus (slag)

Planet X released a bit of a teaser / test shots of the up coming “Slug.” Their version of the dinobots is following in suite with the Fall of Cybertron line. This being there next in the line up and is very impressive.


PX-05 Quirinus Test Type.Not final yet !Schedule to release on July2015.

Posted by Planet X on Monday, June 1, 2015

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Australia Toyfair 2015 – Rumors

A recent leakage / release has noted several REALLY interesting rumors. We can count that our wallets this year are going to see a very light feeling in our pockets…

Generations Devastator on display with my Gen1 Devastator – BigW already signed up for June/July.

More JP Masterpiece coming this year – Gold bumblebee July, Convoy reissue, Tracks (not MP25), MP25 in Sept (I can’t reveal name before TakaraTomy), and two new “sports cars” for OCT & NOV.

Platinum edition – Myer will have Seeker pack and YOTG pair… while ToysRUs will have Insecticon pack, Perceptor/Blaster, Trypticon, aaaaand…. Dinobots. YES, Gen1 Dinobots multipack which I hope is all five.

JP Stinger still for this month, only at TRU though.

GEN Slingshot & Wildrider don’t exist (yet) for Hasbro Generations, but might next year as Combiners are going to be at least two years.

Leader Starscream for wave 4.

Hasbro MP Starscream is the second (MP11) version because fans wanted it.
Hasbro MP Bluestreak will be in July.

Toyworld’s cheaper prices were indeed just introductory prices from Hasbro.

Loyal Subjects w3 should be out in the next month.

An important note this is Australia in the United States or other Countries may not see the same releases. We do know that Devastator (Fall) & MP Starscream are definitely slated. Leader Starscream DOES make sense because we are getting a Thundercracker (Jetfire re-used mold.) Platinum Edition Seekers does seem interesting as the seekers..

G1 reissues here have been an ever common thing for Hasbro and Takara to do.  It would not surprise me to see Trypticon and (Insecticons as these are already out and about.)

It is pretty clear Trypticon, Insecticons are definitely getting a reissue. Dinobots is a big surprise here. I know I have been waiting personally for this, as most G1 Dinobots can go for $20-$80 a piece. (Lots being around $250+) (condition is a and all accessories adds to the price greatly!)

Let the excitement begin!

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