How to make Energon Cubes

For a long time now I have been waiting to use my wonderful boxes that deliver plastic-crack-addictions… While this is still in the beginning phases of how to do this and how to do it well… The initial results are pretty nice! Not only is this a great way to recycle use of these boxes but they will help add to your displays!

So first things first… You need to save ALL your Transformer Boxes / Toy boxes that have “clear” packaging. Roughly 1 Deluxe box equals 1 energon cube. Each cube is about 2cm or 1 1/2 inch on each side. You can make these smaller, but I like this size as it scales nicely with Deluxes and Voyagers.

Unfortunately all I can say right now is I am working on perfecting this process. My plan is to have two methods.

1) Basic method that involves using a pattern and cutting the pattern out. Using then either tape or glue to shape the cube.

2) Advanced method using heat to melt the plastic to shape the cube. This method is much more difficult because if you melt the plastic to much it will rip, burn, and even set something on fire!

My goal is once I have this done I will even have some print outs such as patterns, and interior’s that you can place inside for different effects.

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Dark Energon on Earth

In the Transformers Universe Energon is a form of energy that these cybernetic robots require to sustain their lifeforce. It is depicted in cube form that is filled with a liquid energy. Energon also can be converted from various sources such as Oil, Electricity, and other similar related forms. Along with where it comes from it also has varying forms. Super Energon, Dark Energon, Synthetic Energon, and so forth.

Dark Energon has a known property of raising dead Transformers and making them zombified. But yet because Megatron has dark energon in him he is able to control them.

If Dark Energon was found on earth it must look something like this…

Fluorite Locality: Rosiclare level, Denton Mine, Goose Creek Mine Group, Harris Creek Sub-District, Hardin County, Illinois,

Posted by Heart of Gems Gallery on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I have no words to describe how perfect I think this piece of fluorite is! Oh my that’s hot!

Posted by Heart of Gems Gallery on Thursday, January 1, 2015

Source: Heart of Gems Facebook page

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