Victorian announcement via USATODAY

A rather strange announcement from a mainstream news source USA TODAY has announced Victorian with comic previews!

Victorian is the fan-voted combiner. She will be made up of a pair of helicopters, two race cars, a motorcyle, and a rescue truck. When her feet are set as the helicopters she can fly. On the opposite if her hands are the helicopters she can control gravity.

As I hinted here… This combiner is not a “HE” but a “SHE.” Potentially being the most powerful combiner yet.

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Fan Built Combiner – Sea of Rust

Another decision has been made! The Fan Built combiner will be from the Sea of Rust.

I have to say this was my first choice as I thoroughly enjoyed it in Fall of Cybertron video game. It brought up all sorts of questions and wonder as to the older ages of Transformers. These being 1000’s of years old, and starting to “decay due to rust.” This combiner I only hope is slightly mangled and beaten due to the location he is from. Which really would have been a great Decepticon *cough* *cough*.


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