Transformers vs Gundam

In working with customizations for Transformers it was probably only a matter of time before running into Gundam. I grew up watching Transformers and ran into Gundam for a brief minute… What interests me in the current Gundam “model” is that they are… Customizable…

I have purchased my first kit a 1/144 scale (Transformers Deluxe scale.) Which to me is pretty much the best size for most robots. This scale is just a bit “shy” of making Generations Metroplex more accurate in size.

Not that this will take me away from Transformers or will shift my focus to Gundam, but because I do enjoy making add-ons and customizations I want to use these model kits to enhance what I am already doing.

I suppose the next big question is it “Sacrilegious to merge these two lines?”

They seem to both have something great about them in regards to customizing and enhancing. I suppose the main difference is that Gundam Model Kits are more like the model car setup which is not necessarily perfect for younger kids in mind.

Anyways keep an eye on this space my kit is set to arrive on Friday and I expect I will be digging into that soon as it arrives!

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