Combiner Wars Bruticus – Combaticons

So while this is really late to the party I figured I would go ahead and say something considering this site is named after this monster! Combiner Wars for some time now we have known will go into 2016 and a few weeks ago it was announced that in 2016 Bruticus will be getting his very own Combiner. This is by far not a complaint but rather… Bruticus probably gets some of the most love from Hasbro as he has nearly gotten a combiner from them just about every year to every other year.

With that being said, this combiner leaves me here with much to desire… Why you ask? He is a complete retool from all the other molds being used. Taking the core from Defensor (Voyager Hot Spot) all the way on down from Superion parts, and with only ONE part that is actually unique. Deluxe Brawl.

  • Voyager Onslaught (Protectobot Hot spot mold)
  • Deluxe Swindle (Protectobot Rook mold)
  • Deluxe Blast Off (Aerialbot Quickslinger mold)
  • Deluxe Vortex (Alpha Bravo mold)
  • Deluxe Brawl (new mold!)

So ya with that being said definitely still on the list to get… But he will require MANY enhancements from 3P to 3D Printing. Without further discussion… Here is some 3D renderings of Bruticus and the Combaticons.

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Hasbro vs Takara Devastator

This image has been running like mad all throughout the Transformers fan base today. It should really help the fans who are having a hard time deciding which one to get. Me personally the final comment says it all… “If you plan on leaving it in combined mode then get Hasbro…” Some of the other issues with Hasbro already have 3P fixes on the way. Dr. Wu has upgrades for certain individual robot modes to have “bending elbows.” Along with several other modes to talk about at a later date.


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Transformers Prime staying on Netflix

Hasbro Studios and Netflix have reached an agreement. Several shows will be staying on Netflix including: Transformers Prime, Rescue Bots, and My Little Pony along with several other titles.

Unfortunately we are not sure this will include the original G1 series that was recently lost at the beginning of the year. Keep tuned in and hopefully we will see its return soon!

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Fan Built Combiner Personality has been Chosen!

The last vote for the next fan built combiner has been picked! And…

Its “Independent!”

This one to me was no surprise. Between “Sea of Rust” and this pick there really was no other option. The next big reveal is scheduled for the SDCC conference which will reveal “Male” or “Female.”

I am rather curious as the last fan picked one we got a Windblade. Will the fan’s pick “Female” again?


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Fan Built Combiner has been Decided!


And the fans have spoken! The next Fan Built Combiner will be an Autobot. Can’t say it surprises me. Last Fan built was an Autobot, which may go to show there are more Autobot ‘fans’ than Decepticon ‘fans.’









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Hasbro Donates 300,000 toys


More yesterdays news, can you tell my optics have been a bit backed up? Processors and my Hyper Drive is re-engaging just going to take some time to reboot. In other really neat news.

Hasbro has donated 300,000 toys to Toys for Tots this last Holiday Season. Which is a really great cause especially anyone who likes toys as much the addicts that exist out there… (EHEM ME!) The truth is we are all kids at heart, and without them most of what we appreciate (or criticize) would not be here today.

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