Custom painted Ironhide (AOE Hound)

So I took on this project about a couple months ago. And finally feel like its at a place where I can show some of the results so far. Now I have not dirtied him up yet, as I am going for a slightly clean look for the moment. So its definitely a lot different from Darkcave Customs version.

Take a look!

Basically I used several things here…

  • Rust Oleum (Ultra Cover Paint+Primer) Colonial Red, Metallic, and gloss black
  • Americana Acrylic paint (Might be looking into some other brands…)
  • Darkcave 3D Printed Ironhide head

I tried using another black paint I think it was Krylon and it did not do well on the rubber parts of Hound. It was sticky and did not seem to dry very well. I ended up spraying over it with the Rust Oleum, and then finished with some acrylic to ruff it up.

The Acrylic paint I used here is very cheap… Some of the paint went on very smooth while other colors I had to fight. Which may be I need to shake it up and blend a bit more with water to soften it. Otherwise I am fairly happy with some of the results. I am going to smooth out the yellow a bit more as I had to go thicker than I wanted to due to the paint not working with me…

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Combiner Wars Wave 4 Preorder

Last night Big Bad Toy Store and TF Source have released pre-orders for the next combiner set. This series seems to be predicted months ago that it would include:

Deluxe Ironhide
Deluxe Mirage
Deluxe Sunstreaker
Deluxe Prowl
Voyager Optimus Maximus
Leader Class Starscream

(Big Bad Toy Store)
Deluxe: Ironhide, Mirage, Sunstreaker, Prowl
Leader Class Starscream
Voyager Optimus Maximus

(TF Source)

Deluxe: Ironhide, Mirage, Sunstreaker, Prowl
Leader Class Starscream
Voyager Optimus Maximus

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Next Re-Paint Customization… AOE Hound to Ironhide

Probably my newest favorite thing to do is to customize transformers. I ran into a custom recently done by Darkcave Customs. He had taken AOE Hound and converted him into Ironhide. Along with that he has made his new head sculpt available for printing at Shapeaways. He usually sells his customs after finishing them. This specific mod that he did appears to have sold for $165 on eBay.

His work is by far some of the most intense pieces I have seen. And if your not following him on Facebook, you might want to start!

I about have my AOE Hound nearly torn down… Per Darkcave Customs I asked him how to remove his head. AOE Hound’s head has a metal pin instead of the normal pop on heads. He said to use a soder and then pull it off with pliers. I have yet to do this to mine just yet, but plan to soon.

I will be using similar color variation, but with probably a more shine and glossy look with some mud and war-damage.

Investment –

$24.99 (AOE Hound) (HTS still has it on sale and with coupon can make it $20.00)

$15.00 Spray Paints, Paint, Sealer

$8.95 + $4.95 shipping

Total: $53.49 (Approximately)

This may be a month or more before I have any further updates on my customs. But until then enjoy DarkCaves!


Lets see. The 7 included weapons plus a 3D printed automatic shotgun, a HUGE chain-gun and a larger trench-style combat…

Posted by Darkcave Customs on Sunday, August 3, 2014

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First look of Combiner Wars Ironhide?

TFW2005 member scubaboy31 posted a picture of what it appears to be a Combiner Wars Ironhide sketch.

So in the back of each of the comics that come packaged with wave 2 of CW deluxes there is a page of design sketches/prototypes/colour layouts.

What’s interesting is the design for Offroad has a completely different head, and one thats not First Aid’s either…

Could this be the design for the upcoming deluxe Ironhide?
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