Transformers Last Knight another Trailer!

We are getting more and more details… This trailer is the best on yet. We get clear pictures of Quintessa, Optimus Prime vs Megatron, a picture of Hot Rod?, a bunch of “minions” getting slashed by Nemesis, and so much more…


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Transformers Last Knight – Extended Trailer

So been a minute… I had to post this because well… HAIL MEGATRON!

Dang I don’t care what the Trolls, G1Whiners, and all the other punks… He looks awesome…

Additionally… It appears Nemesis Prime gets his a** kicked by Megatron and his “Knights…” Which here at we are ALL ABOUT! We just cannot wait till we get a decent preview with “Onslaught” and his “Combaticons…” Seriously we had seen pictures, but it is time to see some actual footage please?! Or like many things did we get bay-canned!?

Check out the trailer!


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Leader class Megatron custom head

3DPrintron has a wonderful head sculpt that they have done that is now starting to show up all over the net.

Really the only thing this head requires is a slight amount of paint and your all set. Overall there is some significant improvements giving him a bit more of an IDW look tuff guy look.


Interested in getting it? Then go to Shapways and have it printed!

If you like the more “rustic” appeal use the lower quality ABS plastic, as it is cheaper, but also will give that more dirty look as LlamaGod’s depicts. If you want a more smooth finish then you will want to go with the Frosted Extreme Detailed.

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DX9 Leader Megatron Upgrade

DX9 posted last night that they now have in the upgrades! Which means more than likely within the next week or so most 3rd Party retailers should start receiving and shipping! *Crosses Fingers*

This is one upgrade I know I preordered on sight…!


We have arrived!

Posted by Dx9toys on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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Generations Megatron Concept Art

So probably one of my favorite Deluxe Generations toys that came out last year was Generations Megatron. His concept was “Pre-Megatron” being bad… But rather the Megatron that fought in the arena’s and won the respect and hearts of Cybertron.

Even still the mold have been used several times over this is a really great use of it.

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Harris Loureiro – Transformers Generations Stop Motion

He has finally finished his 15 minute film! Only 6 months later and let me say it is amazing to see these toys come to life!


Jeng, jeng, jeng…….prepare your small pack of popcorn!. Its a 15 minutes movie and If you were listening through…

Posted by Harris Loureiro Films on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Combiner Wars Megatron vs Apollyon

It is hard to compare the two really because they focus on two different realities of Megatron. One from the early days and the other from IDW. Which both give great homages to G1 days, but take a different swing when it comes to the alt mode. CW Megatron transforms into a tank, and Apollyon into a gun. Price point is also a big difference. CW Megatron by itself is priced from $40-$50 and Apollyon is around $149.99. Hopefully the pictures below will help in deciding for you.

Here are some pictures mirrored…

Do you have more comparison pictures? Let us know! We would love to share them to help people in the mix of deciding which of the two or other Megatrons to get…

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Combiner Wars Megatron add-on kit pre-order

Combiner Wars Megatron add-on kit is now up for pre-order on TFSource. Because of the love in this line of toys… I definitely would not hold out for long on this upgrade kit. I do not normally jump so quickly on kits like this, however this one is the exception…

Act fast!

Check out this upcoming add-on for Leader Class Megatron from DX9 Toys! No preorders up yet, but find DX9 on TFSource here:

Posted by TFsource on Monday, April 6, 2015

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Dx9toys Combiner Wars Megatron addons

Ok so this was definitely on my list of things to work on… However Dx9toys has beat me to the punch… It is interesting to see the response it is getting on the fan sites, and fan pages as its VERY mixed. Apolloyon is releasing soon and people still seem to be bias towards the 3rd party route.

Me… Ill take Combiner Wars Megatron over an expensive version. Why? Because the difference is minimal and I actually like CW Megatron better in just about every way. Thats my opinion…

This kit includes.

– 2 Hands

– Shoulder Cannon

– 2 feet

– Cannon muzzle

Total height – 24.5CM (That makes for a decent MP!)

Just take a look at him…

DX9 TOYS AL-01 Include: handsX2 shoulder cannonX1 feetX2 arm cannon muzzleX1head-to-feet height:24.5CM

Posted by Dx9toys on Monday, April 6, 2015

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