G2 Stunticons (Menasor) on eBay again!

So to the majority of the world this may seem like silly plastic. However this is probably one of the most expensive G1-G2 transformers you can find. Last year it sold for $26,815.00… (71 bids) Yes that is nearly 30k… Why is this transformer so expensive? Well for one it was never officially released. And two there are very few of these in existence. Similar to the “Lucky Draw” all gold Transformers that occasionally get released. But with this one… It is special…

Right now the eBay bidding is around $9,100. With 4 days left. So keep checking back here to see what the final amount will be.

Clearly these high priced items tend to need a very specific buyer. But because of the rarity this brings out all the high-end collectors. Just following at the Transformer communities out there you can see it is drawing a large attention.

Images Mirrored from eBay and combined mode from tfwiki.net (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/File:G2_Menasor_and_G2_Defensor.jpg)

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Combiner Wars Transformers Tv Advertisement

Transformers Hong Kong posted this morning a Combiner Wars Promotional Video. This video only shows Superion and Menasor. However it has some really nice effects.


變形金剛 合體金剛大戰 【變形金剛 合體金剛大戰模型】現已有售!合體後會得到更多、更大的勇氣!立即製造你的終極合體金剛!

Posted by Transformers Hong Kong on Thursday, June 4, 2015

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Superion and Menasor Art

So these awesome posters have been showing up all over the net. Felt like they were worthy of posting. Menasor and Superion being Hasbro’s most recent Wave 1 and Wave 2 Transformer line releases. Enjoy!

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Combiner Wars 3D Printed Hands

I feel these are ready for general use. While they still have minor things they far outweigh the results. Being this is a 3D print and not a injection mold these are not for kids or for hardcore playing. Fingers are double ball joints.

These MUST be painted/spray painted even with a primer of the color you are wanting them to be in. If you do not paint them / primed the fingers will be extremely lose! After primed fingers may still be on the lose end so use clear nail polish or Pledge Floor Cleaner (SC Johnson Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish 27 OZ).

There will be more versions of these hands in the future so keep on the look out!

As you can see these hands do have a 5mm Port – however the Menasor sword is to long to handle it. No worries! The hands can still hold it using its regular fists. Mine need to be tightened just a bit more, but work just fine.

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Combiner Wars Superion hand mod

For those who don’t want to spend the extra buck on buying new hands for Superion or even Menasor… Here is a great mod by RK Designs Studio

Basically he cuts the “fat” off the hands and splices the fingers so they can all bend without being hindered by each part. See the pictures mirrored below.


A cheap wat to get your Combiner Wars Generations gestalt bots to have articulated fingers…

Posted by RK Designs Studio on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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HTS Wave 2 finally arrived! Menasor & Superion Complete!

Finally after about a month of waiting I have received one of my last shipments for a while… Completing Wave 1 & Wave 2. (Still considering Armada Megatron… I am also considering buying two more Powerglides, to do something similar as my Menasor below.) Gikpa Facebook page along with a few others have come up with an impressive Ultimate Prime mode with using three of him.

Below I have Menasor in a bit of a “fan mode” with the hips which makes him WAY taller and he does not fit in my bookshelves in my office. As you will see he even makes Superion “look up…”

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Combiner Wars Chest Pieces

A common thing at the moment is to merge different limbs in different manners including adding different parts to Optimus Prime’s chest (Ultra Prime), Superion, and Menasor. So to show how people are doing this and what they look like. Sources listed below.

Seibertron Member: Cobotron (Powerglide chest)

Seibertron Member: jaws (4 Skydives for all Superion’s limbs, G1 turned around limbs.)

Seibertron Member: albnok (Ultra Prime, legs turned around and chest reverted.)

Seibertron Member: Arctorro (Superion with Thundercracker chest **not stable)

Seibertron Member: william-james88 (Superion/Menasor with Black Jack chest)

Gikpa Facebok Page (Menasor using three black jacks for shoulders, and chest.)

(If your pictures are in here and you are not credited let us know we will make sure to source you!)

Images have been mirrored for archiving.

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