Metroplex with Legends Scale Figures

Daim Choc shared with us a recent find that is quiet impressive. Metroplex and legends scale figures. These includes: Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime, Blurr, Ratchet, and more…

The photographer here is: Free自在山 via weibo. Thanks to this user for also showing his lighting setup!

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More Devastator Comparison shots!

So if you didn’t get enough from my last post… Here are more comparison shots from Weibo User: Peeling Good (Or is it Feeling Good?) Honestly this figure is more than likely going to be a buy on sight. Metroplex was a similar situation, but with the shipping issues, and stocking issues stores are having. It would come to no surprise this guy will not stay on the shelves once it hits them!

Rough Translation of what he posted.

Advantages: All members of the monomers are affixed to the foot. Combination of form is also affixed to the foot. Modeling and variant unlimited restore g1. And mp car with proportions and not violate. Combination connection hanging thigh fried day, is not a simple plug, in turn slide into the slot as well as on joint buckle dead, very strong creative. Joint tight to even pick up the mp arm held flat car is not sagging, standing on one foot without focus shift. Combination of form still hanging movable fried day, Kenjiro Beidoushenquan shape can be easily completed and no loose joints. And no legend so stealing gum, or even a place on the back of the hollow are irrelevant, simply innocuous. Handsome styling to fit boundless, the red this point, what are the disadvantages are able to.
Disadvantages: forklift humanoid monomer can rotate the elbow can not be bent. Individual wrist thigh humanoid arms and other parts also increase improve movable joints.
Overall, the official conscience is absolutely make! Peeling moved to bring as much as the year mp01! Players tf necessary funds!
Looks like there are bad businesses spread rumors that are currently listed factory goods. Last Flying Tigers and fearless uttered. I just want to say things do not sell 3c Packed with rumors that three abuse means too outrageous. What is absolutely genuine, good quality and a force, Nima factory goods Ye ko worth mentioning to have such a good quality surpasses boxed so much cheaper, why not.

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Devastator comparison to Metroplex

So this is showing up all over now that this wonderful Weibo user (Birch Small World) has posted these pictures of their Titan Devastator. **Note as of posting this… He does have a naked girl as the background of his page. So if you click the link be aware of this.

Otherwise here are the pictures he posted:

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