Transformers Titan Devastator

Standing in at 18 inches / 45 cm. Featuring all 6 original Constructions that combine and form the Mighty Devastator. Each figure will be able to transform into robot mode, and vehicle mode. Their sizes are all “Voyagers!!!”

Size comparison if you will recall Titan Metroplex stands at 2′ tall. This will stand roughly 1.5′ tall (1.47 ft) so roughly up to Metroplex’s chest…

The 6 Constructicon’s names are:

Scrapper – (usually) the leader – masterful designer – front-end loader

Bonecrusher – a berserker – bulldozer (later on a front-end loader)

Scavenger – Materials detector – power shovel.

Mixmaster – A Crazed Chemist – Cement Mixer

Hook – Perfectionist Engineer – Crane

Long Haul – Transporter – Dump Truck (Later on crane.)


My overall thoughts – This guy is a great value for 6 Voyagers at retail $150.00 most 3rd party Devastators your looking at over $250 if not $300… Even $500! He will stand taller than most of those and really all the “picky” collectors are nitpicking the individual modes, and the only thing that stands out that I am hearing is the head and some level of proportions.

I will most definitely be buying him, and most likely two!


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