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So PerfectEffect clearly listens to its fans and proud owners of their toy-lines. PE started off with what is said to be the best Transformer of the Year “Leonidas” and from everything I can tell it is missing one thing… His evil twin! Soon as the initial “teasers” were coming out about Leonidas I had only one thing to say… Can I get that in Black?

Well PE listened and here is the tease!



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PE 06 + 07 Devastator Addons

Perfect Effect has released additional photos of the up and coming PE 06  (Devastator hands, mix-master cab, new shovel for Scavenger, Hook extension for Hook, new heads including a Prowl head.) and PE 07 (guns and hands for individual figures…)

Overall the improvements here are VERY impressive. Making for an interesting option for those who went with Hasbro’s. I myself was able to get him for under $100 which makes for him to be just as awesome as the SDCC and Takara’s which will not offer as many unique changes to the figure.

PE has been a reliable source of 3rd Party Addons that have had excellent QC with no complaints that I am aware of. So this upgrade is one to not skip out on. Even those going with the SDCC or Takara may find parts to this upgrade that are a cannot miss.

Still no release date, but knowing PerfectEffect they are probably not far from an official date.

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Devastator Perfect Effect add-on

While the up and coming Combiner Wars Devastator has had a lot of good and bad publicity. Even more so in the customization realm has been the idea of “enhancing” its parts for the better… Perfect Effect has done just this! It is also know that Dr. Wu is also working on some, however Perfect Effect seems to be beating them to the punch!

It appears there may be “two” upgrade kits here. One for the hands of each individual combiner. And then another for the main devastator form. Which will include a Prowl head for those who follow the IDW universe.



PC-07 Upgrade kits for CW Devastator individual bots elbowsRelease in September.

Posted by PerfectEffect PE on Thursday, July 2, 2015

PC-06 Upgrade kits for CW Devastator combiner mode.Release in September.

Posted by PerfectEffect PE on Thursday, July 2, 2015

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PE-DX05 LEONIDAS – Preview

PerfectEffect has another teaser for us… Let me say I have had one other 3rd party figure that I have ever bought… And now I might have to add this one to my list…

While there seems to be more to be worked out, the robot mode on this beast is just that… Beast! THIS IS SPARTA!

Pictures Mirrored

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Perfect Effect Combiner Wars Addon Kit (Update)

Perfect Effect has updated that they will be released in June. This will include PC-03 and PC-04 (Superion and Mensaur add ons.) Their aim is for a more “G1” look for Menasaur (I like the sword add-on!)

PC-01 and PC-02 include hands and feet. So between these two kits we will see a complete overhaul to Superion and Menasaur.

PC-03 and PC-04 are official now,and will be released in JuneWe did some tunning to PC-04’s head partto make it look more like G1

Posted by PerfectEffect PE on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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