Unicron and Primus Featured on Transformers Legends

Could it be? Could it be that we might see a re-release of Unicron and Primus? We have not seen Unicron and Primus well at least Primus since the “Cybertron” line. Both figures are relatively cheap going from $20-$100. Primus in box could go for as much as $80-$150! This would really bring an interesting twist to the Combiner Wars series.

Clearly this is merely a rumor, but seeing them in the art for Transformers Legends brings to mind the possibility.



The AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS are locked in fierce battle over an experimental space bridge designed by JETFIRE. GALVATRON, intent on using it to transport weapons of mass destruction straight into enemy territory, orders his forces to use any means to secure it.

A stray shot from someone’s weapon strikes the space bridge, causing it to overload and explode. RODIMUS, JETFIRE, and GALVATRON and their teams are blown backwards through time, to before the creation of Cybertron.

There they discover the two brothers, PRIMUS and UNICRON, locked in titanic combat. The universe trembles with each blow, until finally the both withdraw, summoning forces to their sides to aid in the battle.

GALVATRON, in his madness, decides to ally his DECEPTICONS with UNICRON, ignoring the fact that the destruction of PRIMUS will spell his end as well. Meanwhile, RODIMUS, JETFIRE and the AUTOBOTS, realizing the stakes, throw all of their strength behind the creator of the Cybertronians.

Will PRIMUS prevail over his brother, the Chaos Bringer? Or will UNICRON finish the creator and erase the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS from existence? Find out in TRANSFORMERS Legends – “Battle of the Brothers”!

UPDATE – All players in this Team Battle Episode have a chance of receiving a reward of 40 Battle Cubes from any of the bosses encountered. This is on top of the normal Boss payouts.


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