Sound wave Sunday Ravage!

Been a minute and life keeps us busy… The  foolish Autobots have me constantly warring so here is a brief but wonderful picture of Ravage.

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Soundwave Sunday #2!

So sure I felt like it was worth posting two for Sounday… Here is an awesome previous of the upcoming Transformers Devastation Soundwave boss fight… And he is Superior…

Transformers: Devastation – Soundwave In-Game PreviewThis October, Soundwave will unleash some Decepticon destruction.

Posted by Transformers Game on Friday, September 25, 2015

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Soundwave Sunday!

I haven’t been good at following through, so here is another Soundwave Sunday… This time I give you some art!

This one is brought to you by Hasbro – However I would love to know who the actual artist is!


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Soundwave Sunday

Starting a new trend here… Every “Sounday” minus the “o” I will be posting a picture or something “Soundwave.” To start this off here is a comic that I found posted on Facebook.


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