Harris Loureiro – Transformers Generations Stop Motion

He has finally finished his 15 minute film! Only 6 months later and let me say it is amazing to see these toys come to life!


Jeng, jeng, jeng…….prepare your small pack of popcorn!. Its a 15 minutes movie and If you were listening through…

Posted by Harris Loureiro Films on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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KFC Transistor Stop Motion

harrisloureiro is at it again! His stop motion skills are simply well Ill let you decide… His recent teaser to his full “movie” he is working on…

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Transformers Generation Stop Motion Trailer

Stop Motion and Transformers go hand and hand. Here I give you a Stop Motion trailer that utilizes several third party Transformers along with a few Master Piece editions. More is supposedly coming and I know I am looking forward to it!

By: harrisloureiro

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Transformers Stop Motion – The Mighty Bumblebee Re-Inforcements

Another great Stop Motion by Jordon Tseng. He also has some behind the scenes that can be watched below.

Behind the Scenes:


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Transformers Stop Motion – Fall of Evil

Jordon Tseng – Probably one of the best on YouTube. These are semi-old and have been around. It features Optimus Prime Platinum edition and Dark of the Moon Megatron. His pick for Megatron was excellent and the special effects are near perfect for toys!

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