1986 Movie Shot with Ultra Magnus a fellow transformers fan page / group. Posted a few days ago a great picture of Ultra Magnus and several other Generations figures (I refuse to call them CHUGS.) It seems we are near complete in being able to have a completed 1986 movie with Generation/Classic Toy lines.

As I was imagining prior to getting leader class Ultra Magnus. Was that he would scale perfectly with other Deluxes/Voyagers.

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Ultra Magnus is now appearing on just about every major retailer. is now available and I would not expect it to last long. Unfortunately there is no coupon codes available other than the ones Hasbro sends out with purchases. These also do not include free-shiping unless you meet the $50.

Amazon also has had some limited supplies of this and with them you can get it free shipping and no tax. So without coupons Amazon may be the best way to go.


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Metroplex with Legends Scale Figures

Daim Choc shared with us a recent find that is quiet impressive. Metroplex and legends scale figures. These includes: Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime, Blurr, Ratchet, and more…

The photographer here is: Free自在山 via weibo. Thanks to this user for also showing his lighting setup!

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CW Ultra Magnus Comparison

So Takara has revealed their version of Ultra Magnus, which is a nice darker blue. To me seeing the differences here while Takara is running a different smaller figure not Ambus instead Alpha Trion. I will still probably opt for Hasbro’s version (more G1 looking.) Price difference also has a big impact on my choice.

Additionally it is important to note the size of Ultra Magnus, does put him in scale with other Leader Class transformers. So far as scale wise he will work well with Deluxe’s and some Voyager Transformers. But when it comes to scaling with MP’s and Leader classes… I would not place him in that grouping!

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Combiner Wars Leader Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus, always seems to get a LOT of love from Hasbro. Last year and previous years we received multiple versions of this guy. Platinum Ultra Magnus, Beast Hunters Voyager Ultra Magnus, and on and on and on! While I can’t complain we have desperately needed a decent Leader version to combat the massive Master Piece edition. I can only hope he stands tall enough so I don’t have to drop $150+ on an MP!

Anyways here are Hasbro’s Official pictures of Combiner Wars Leader Ultra Magnus.

Additionally here is a in person picture taken of him. Source: Radio Free Cybertron




For those of us who haven’t been following. Ultra Magnus isn’t really Ultra Magnus any more… Apparently there is a whole story that he is only an Armor suit anymore. And that once the wearer dies from combat or other situations he presses a return button before he dies and the suit returns to a location where it can then get a new owner. Below is a snippet of a comic that explains Ultra Magnus.


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