Combiner Wars Chest Pieces

A common thing at the moment is to merge different limbs in different manners including adding different parts to Optimus Prime’s chest (Ultra Prime), Superion, and Menasor. So to show how people are doing this and what they look like. Sources listed below.

Seibertron Member: Cobotron (Powerglide chest)

Seibertron Member: jaws (4 Skydives for all Superion’s limbs, G1 turned around limbs.)

Seibertron Member: albnok (Ultra Prime, legs turned around and chest reverted.)

Seibertron Member: Arctorro (Superion with Thundercracker chest **not stable)

Seibertron Member: william-james88 (Superion/Menasor with Black Jack chest)

Gikpa Facebok Page (Menasor using three black jacks for shoulders, and chest.)

(If your pictures are in here and you are not credited let us know we will make sure to source you!)

Images have been mirrored for archiving.

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