Mania King (3rd Party Galvatron)

I finally have received my Mania King last week. And let me say this thing is awesome! (With the passing of Leonard Nimoy I felt it was time to invest in this figure!) Getting right down into it here is my general review and some pictures I had taken. (Plan on taking proper ones soon!)

I used my iPhone 5 (really need to use my wife’s Mark III!), and my Diorama I have been working on. Additionally felt like changing things up a bit and adding a black background for more simplicity.


  • – Details… This guy has details and more details. His dark purple and over all look and appeal really makes him work really well for Galvatron. (Hint hint Hasbro! Time for a MP!)
  • – Robot mode has lots of articulation and is able to stand pretty well (No stands necessary!)
  • – Cannon mode – this really matches the original cartoon very well. It is not much to talk about as its just a cannon / gun… Nothing special here as I really don’t plan on him being in this mode ever…


  • – Fragile parts… His horns are definitely something to keep an eye on while transforming these could easily break off. Mania King’s feet are also on the side of “loose”, however I was still able to get him to stand just fine even with this.
  • – Complex Transformation. Not on the scale of one of the most difficult, but still his transformation left me really scared of breaking him. At times I missed a step because the instructions were not as complete or as descriptive as a picture could be. The Generations three step changers are much more difficult than this guy, but even still he had his own challenges.



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Galvatron – Maniah King Messiah by Unique Toys

With the passing Leonard Nimoy I decided it was time to get off my bum and finally buy this 3rd Party Transformer. It is the closest thing we have to a Masterpiece of Galvatron and is made by Unique Toys.

Once I get it in hand ill take some more pictures of him. (Till then you can use the ones from TFSource/Unique Toys.)

TFsource, Big Bad Toy Store are going for about $90.00 (I bought mine on TFSource)

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