Official Victorian Hasbro pictures

Yesterday we finally got to see Victorian in all its Christmas colors… I give you the official shots from Hasbro. Needless to say the reaction to this toys colors is on the side of “disturbed.” It would not surprise me to see fans do tons of “repainting” and customizations to this as on Transformer Addicts! One fan has already digi-bashed her in several variants that look TONS better… (More on this later.)

Here is the official shots mirrored:

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Victorian Feet!

So as it has become abundantly clear and I think Hasbro has taken notice to how many 3P, 3D printed, and so forth add-ons have been thrown at their Combiner Wars figures… Hasbro’s hands and feet straight up are ugly! Combating this for the first time… They have given us a new set of feet and hands for Victorian.

TFW2005 shows a few nice detailing pictures of “Ankle Tilts!”

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Victorian SDCC

John Warden and several others have now posted their initial pictures of Victorian. She will be made up of:

Voyager – Hot spot

Deluxe – (Two?) Alpha Bravo Molds.

Deluxe – Nightbird (Menasor)

Deluxe – Breakdown

Legends – Groove

Along with this we get a combiner sword and new feet and hands. THANK GOD!

To be honest – I don’t want to even share what people are taking of her because I feel like they are not doing her justice. So I am waiting on the official shots from Hasbro before posting it. Until then please go to a few other fellow fan sites to see: (Great pictures of Victorian.) (Most clear pictures…)

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Victorian Teaser – John Warden

Someone to follow in the Transformer World is John Warden. I very un followed twitter user, which may be because the few tweets he does do, but still… He works with Hasbro… So follow him…

Along with this Teaser we now have a good look at what Victorian the fan built combiner is going to look like… *Gasp* guess what its a reuse of several molds. Surprise!… Not really we knew this was coming and the next year and a half we can expect this to be how Hasbro is going to play…



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Victorian announcement via USATODAY

A rather strange announcement from a mainstream news source USA TODAY has announced Victorian with comic previews!

Victorian is the fan-voted combiner. She will be made up of a pair of helicopters, two race cars, a motorcyle, and a rescue truck. When her feet are set as the helicopters she can fly. On the opposite if her hands are the helicopters she can control gravity.

As I hinted here… This combiner is not a “HE” but a “SHE.” Potentially being the most powerful combiner yet.

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Fan-built Combiner Power Revealed

Today Toys R Us revealed the fan-built combiner will have the power of “Gravity.” Not only this but will be a combiner made up of 6 female robots.

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