Victorian announcement via USATODAY

A rather strange announcement from a mainstream news source USA TODAY has announced Victorian with comic previews!

Victorian is the fan-voted combiner. She will be made up of a pair of helicopters, two race cars, a motorcyle, and a rescue truck. When her feet are set as the helicopters she can fly. On the opposite if her hands are the helicopters she can control gravity.

As I hinted here… This combiner is not a “HE” but a “SHE.” Potentially being the most powerful combiner yet.

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Comic Con Female Transformer Exclusive

IGN has revealed pictures of the upcoming Comic Con Female Transformer Exclusive. These are re-paints of the recent Windblade, Chromia, and Arcee from last years Generations line. The repaints include massive scale swords from the Transformers Prime line.

Overall I am very impressed with this set, even the price of the exclusive which is $74.99. After the event is over is said to possibly be getting a limited number of these figures.


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Robots in Disguise will introduce Windblade

Not sure how I missed this, but during a normal scrolling session I ran into Robots in Disguise will be introducing Windblade for the first time on television! Windblade was last years fan made transformer that was widely accepted due largely to the fact that there are so few female characters in the Transformer franchise.



This Cityspeaker is certainly the talk of the town. First, Windblade graces the pages of USA Today, and now she’s getting ready for a starring role on Robots in Disguise.

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Friday, April 24, 2015

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