Chevy Commercial 2014 Bumblebee

So this is a bit of an oldie re-surfacing, but heck its to funny and awesome all at the same time I felt it was time to bring it back up again. Besides if Bumblebee had this much attitude in the movies along with how funny this is… I think he may have had more fans… Especially Decepticons!

Awesome Chevy commercialThis is why you don’t hit cars. You just never know! 🙂

Posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics on Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Soundwave Sunday

Starting a new trend here… Every “Sounday” minus the “o” I will be posting a picture or something “Soundwave.” To start this off here is a comic that I found posted on Facebook.


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3dprintron April fools already!

So without surprise we get it already… And bad! Here are some great custom’s that are so good I want to throw my money at them RIGHT NOW!

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A.A.F.A.D Acute Action Figure Addiction Disorder

A.A.F.A.D Acute Action Figure Addiction Disorder is a relatively new Facebook page. Recently it released a new video documentary (funny…) Which clearly depicts the problem that many face. Action Figure Addiction… Lets be honest this video has a lot of truths, and while it may be a small percentage there are many out there who have one or more of these symptoms.

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The dress – Color of the dress

This dress has haunted the internet, causing it to go into near madness. Humans are losing their minds to the point of insanity. IS it “White & Gold” or is it “Gold & Black, OR maybe its “Black and Blue…”



I have a solution for this whole problem… Its not any of those colors but RED, YELLOW AND ORANGE!




Reality is that this dress is “Blue & Black.” Human eyes make it perceive many variations including: “White & Gold, Black & Gold, and Blue & Black.”


The owner of this situation did come forward and explained it is “Blue & Black.” Internet you can stop panicking and go about your way. Additional proof is the people who sell this dress have posted it here: Twitter

You can return back to being normal human beings again.

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Bluestreak is incensitive to Nudist Smurfs

This just in Thundercracker has heard the petition about him. Him and his friends are saying if he is a racist then so is Bluestreak.

Bluestreak we can clearly see is a derogatory way of saying “Nudist Smurfs.” Thundercracker and his buddies are claiming they to will be starting a petition to get this horrific name removed from Hasbro’s line up. The Autobot oppression must be ended!

Will this be the end of the petitions? Will Hasbro respond? We will have to wait and see…

Thundercracker a Racist – Part 1?

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Thundercracker a Racist?

A recent petition by a seemingly angry mother. Her child some how received Thundercracker recently and was appalled. Her reasoning is that the slur / slang of “Cracker” is a racial slur used to disparage Caucasians. She then continued her research into other Hasbro Transformer names and has this to say:

Aside from the racist “Thundercracker” name, Hasbro issued toys with the following names which any God-fearing, decent parent would find objectionable.

Acid Storm – this is a green jet that has an obvious reference to drugs. Aside from the Acid in the name, the toy has the                               numbers 420, which means marijuana

Brawl – glorifies violence and street fights

Blackout – also racist, and they made him a villain. Do we want to teach kids that African-American people are all evil?

Blitzwing – an allusion to NAZI war tactics and Aryan supremacy

Cliffjumper – suggests that kids kill themselves by jumping from cliffs and other high places

Inferno – an attempt to make hellfire cool with kids, so not only does Hasbro think it’s okay to teach kids racism, they also                       want them to worship the devil

Knockout – a misogynist term that male chauvinists use to degrade independent women

Roadblock – from their G.I. Joe line, a person of African-American descent called Roadblock, which almost sounds like “black”

The comments on this form are rather defensive and placing her in a realm of “crazy.” Clearly most of these are not as she says they are, however others do bring up the big question… Are they maybe humor based on the premise of these things? Clearly some of them are definitely not, but instead clearly about “War.”

I do have my questions though about Acid Storm, and Blitzwing as I have heard the term Acid Storm before… Blitzwing often times does stir the pot of Nazi Germany days. Watching Transformers Animated he definitely plays a bit of a German accents.

To read the petition check it out here:…

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TF RID 2015 & Power Rangers

You might be asking what does Transformers Robots in Disguise and Power Rangers have in common? Well look no further than the graphic below.


Facebook Page: Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong

Its hilarious that the colors and similarities here are nearly precise… Other than a few given differences… Otherwise the post was right on the money. The hope that the show doesn’t try to go dark, and just is all out funny and a decent Transformer show. (I hope its not to good! As I don’t want to have to collect the whole line…)


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50 Shades of Transformers

A most scandalous movie coming out (actually NOT! Read the reviews absolutely huge let down to all you perverts out there!) With that I give you a meme that I made after seeing it in Columbian. (Thanks TF Columbia for the Inspiration.)


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Funny of the Day

So my kids are pretty much Transformer kids. You know… Who would have thought taking after their dad and all… My oldest son informed my wife the following while going to school today.

“Mom, when I grow up I won’t be seeing you for a long time.”, said Maddox. “Why is that Maddox”, replied Mom. “Well I have to go to planet Cybertron. You see its very far away and its not in this planet or solar system.”, he continued, “I have to go and fight the Decepticons and won’t be back until we win.”

Yes my son off to go and fight the good fight… #WhatDoYouWantToBeWhenYouGrowUp ?

Now not entirely sure about him being an Autobot, but I would say at least he knows what he wants…

Graphic By: JJaso

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