Chevy Commercial 2014 Bumblebee

So this is a bit of an oldie re-surfacing, but heck its to funny and awesome all at the same time I felt it was time to bring it back up again. Besides if Bumblebee had this much attitude in the movies along with how funny this is… I think he may have had more fans… Especially Decepticons!

Awesome Chevy commercialThis is why you don’t hit cars. You just never know! 🙂

Posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics on Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Mudflap and Skids Deaths

A recent hot-topic on Facebook Page Transformer Addicts! Brought back up a big question from the movie universe that left everyone wondering… Where did Mudflap and Skids go???

Well we can call it a “Bay Moment.” Supposedly in the Movie Universe he was going to have them killed in Dark of the Moon. The comic universe decided to take the matter in its own hands. The Twins were killed by Sentinel Prime after Ironhide was murdered by Cosmic Rust.

Here are some pictures from TFWiki showing the final moments of both Mudflap and Skids…




Skids and Mudflap were present at NEST’s Washington base during Optimus Prime’s conversation with Charlotte Mearing about the moon landings.

Later, the Twins were on hand when Sentinel Prime revealed that he was in league with the Decepticons and killed Ironhide. As Sentinel turned his weapon toward Bumblebee, Skids charged forward to stop the treacherous Autobot, but wound up taking the full force of the blast himself and perished. But before he died, Skids last word’s to Mudflap was “Sorry, bro … guess I wasn’t … as smart … as I thought … sor—” as he crumbled into dust under the effects of the Cosmic Rust. Skids’s death sent Mudflap into a rage, but even his righteous anger could not make him a match for Sentinel, and he too met his ends moments later.

Sources: TFWiki Mudflap, Skids

These two characters in the movie have been labeled as “insensitive and racist.” Which can easily be seen why, but really are they just massive stereotypes of the “gansta” attitude?

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Transformers Stop Motion – Fall of Evil

Jordon Tseng – Probably one of the best on YouTube. These are semi-old and have been around. It features Optimus Prime Platinum edition and Dark of the Moon Megatron. His pick for Megatron was excellent and the special effects are near perfect for toys!

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