Transformers Last Knight another Trailer!

We are getting more and more details… This trailer is the best on yet. We get clear pictures of Quintessa, Optimus Prime vs Megatron, a picture of Hot Rod?, a bunch of “minions” getting slashed by Nemesis, and so much more…


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Transformers Last Knight – Extended Trailer

So been a minute… I had to post this because well… HAIL MEGATRON!

Dang I don’t care what the Trolls, G1Whiners, and all the other punks… He looks awesome…

Additionally… It appears Nemesis Prime gets his a** kicked by Megatron and his “Knights…” Which here at we are ALL ABOUT! We just cannot wait till we get a decent preview with “Onslaught” and his “Combaticons…” Seriously we had seen pictures, but it is time to see some actual footage please?! Or like many things did we get bay-canned!?

Check out the trailer!


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Transformers the Last Knight Trailer out today!

Need to say anything else? The trailer is set to come out today!

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Transformers Movie: Onslaught is coming…

So while I am behind, its summer time and my kids have fully held me captive and I cannot escape. I have a few more weeks to go before the kids go back to school. After that I should hopefully have more time for Transformers related content!

With that I give you the next “Transformers Last Knight” Onslaught has been announced this last week as a new “cough” bad guy… But to me will always be awesome…

What could this mean for us? Well hopefully we will see some combiner awesome action… Considering last year and most of this year was Combiner Wars. But more than that seeing Bruticus in action destroying autobot!

Now problem is Michael Bay tends to like to kill Decepticons giving them very short lives and pretty pathetic deaths minus a few glorious battles… Hopefully he will give Onslaught the honor he deserves. As Megatron has received a fair amount of chances… Its time a real Decepticon gets the opportunity to show real power.


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Transformers 5: The Last Knight

We finally have a “name” for the next Transformers Movie. Me personally I am not sure this is 100%. We have seen them change things up last minute and this would not be surprising if they did.

Calling all #Autobots: Optimus Prime is ready for battle. Are you? #transformers

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