Toys R Us Online Exclusive Bluestreak

Jedia Temple Archives has discovered a bit of confidential information about the upcoming San Diego Comic Con event. Toys R Us will be selling at their booth Master Piece Bluestreak. Once the event is over it is also said to be listed online.

This all is still rumors, but will be announced on June 25th.

Toys R Us sees San Diego Comic Con as a big deal now. They are having a presence there because they want to maintain their presence as the #1 destination for all of the hottest toys AS WELL AS put themselves in the forefront as a collector destination. Notice they didn’t say kids.

Toys R Us will be part of the Entertainment Earth booth and will be featuring 11 exclusives. These include:
285527 EX Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak
311260 SW Jabba Rancor Pit
423138 GI Joe Desert Duel
436869 POP TV: The Flash – The Flash Unmasked
290624 MLP Maud Pie
290695 MLP Daring Do
290608 36390 MLP Princess Celestia
TBD      TBD
376145 EX Power Rangers MM Megazord Black Edition
315856 Exclusive Mortal Kombat Raiden 6 inch
423099 1966 Batgirl

All product will be avaialble for purchase online and at the convention booth. However, these products will NOT be available in-store.

That’s all we have for now. If more information gets revealed before June 25th we will post an update.

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Bluestreak is incensitive to Nudist Smurfs

This just in Thundercracker has heard the petition about him. Him and his friends are saying if he is a racist then so is Bluestreak.

Bluestreak we can clearly see is a derogatory way of saying “Nudist Smurfs.” Thundercracker and his buddies are claiming they to will be starting a petition to get this horrific name removed from Hasbro’s line up. The Autobot oppression must be ended!

Will this be the end of the petitions? Will Hasbro respond? We will have to wait and see…

Thundercracker a Racist – Part 1?

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